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Limited Edition Exclusive Miniature for collectors and painters.

Available only in 100 pieces



-No pebble floor is included in the kit

-The eyes of Edward and the Bat in the kit are not sculpted:  this is a kit mostly for painters. You have to "paint" your personal eyes :-)


Total Height: about 70 mm  (see the picture with the hand to understand sizes)


Material: high-quality gray resin.

The kit contains 6 resin pieces unassembled and unpainted

Shipped in  original box 


I plan to start the shipping process by mid-January 2023 (for both Musicians and Edward) , and I estimate to complete them all by end of January/first week of February.
I'll do my best to ship all orders as soon as possible.

Obviously, I'll update you while I'm working on it.

Packages will be shipped in order of arrival. So first come first served.




Can I buy some of your previous sculptures in Limited Edition?

Sorry, but you can't! Most of my sculptures are "true " Limited Edition. Please don't offer me more money as happened in the past. This is embarrassing for me. I do this to preserve the authenticity of my customers' purchases.


What if I receive a missing or damaged part??

I can guarantee this. If you receive a missing part or a damaged part, or if you don't like the quality piece, please get in touch with me. I will be happy to send you a replacement or a full refund. Your satisfaction is the most important thing to me.

I ordered a non-limited sculpture along with a Limited Edition sculpture. When will they be shipped?

In this case, they will both be shipped together when the Limited Edition piece is ready.


May I order more than 5 pieces?

Of course, you can. For more than 10 pieces I could offer you a discount. Write me at info@foundminiatures.com before placing your order


Will my kit be shipped painted and assembled?

NO! This isn't an Action Figure. This is an original Miniature only for collectors and painters. Part of the hobby is assembling and painting it. So all the kits will be shipped unassembled and unpainted

edward-new-puppy edward-new-puppy edward-new-puppy edward-new-puppy edward-new-puppy
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